Friday, May 1, 2009

Isang Panawagan: Impostora si Charice

Hey, wazzup Mr. Yoso,
I juz want all of you to know that the one who claims to be “Charice Pempengco” in Television is not really “Charice Pempongco”. She’s my older sister. She kid napped and black mailed me. She’s so jealous of me because I’m prettier and she ends up as a maid. I recently escaped from her “body guards”. I’m in deep trouble right now. I managed to find your blog. Please help me! They’re going to get me! Her boys are going to get me soon.

That “Charice” is evil, I tell you! She’s not the one singing! She pushed me to record my voice but I did not do it. She just changed the pitch and probably the wavelength of the songs she is singing. Please help me, please. No one seems to believe me. I recently approached the media and they keep on ignoring me saying I’m no senior citizens allowed. They say I don’t even look like the young and beautiful Charice. She’s gonna be in Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 and I’m not gona let her. Please help me, I just want justice.

I’m here at the internet cafe, i’m scared because they be.... oh no! They’re, they, they are here! oh my God! Nooo! I love you fans Ahhs ewu qqo2 ddpoa *save* *log out*
-the real Charice

Oh my! I can’t believe something like this would sent. (at napa-english talaga ako)
Takbo Charice! Takbo! Dapat nating ipaalam to sa publiko!
Wait, baka hindi naman to totoo eh. Hmmmmn.
Tulala pa rin ako.
Hindi ako makapaniwala.

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BABAE said...

asus! gawa lang ng belo medical group yan! hehe

CHONG x] said...

wow. haha . yun Lang. wow. di rin ako makapaniwaLa.

deejay said...

benta! nyahaha! gleng gleng! *claps* :D

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